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decision on how to handle the date with default. >> the white house continues to push to make the wealthy pay more. the big question, of course, will the plan be in place by next tuesday? we're following the debt -- the development and the dead showdown. >> a very it -- in the debt showdown. >> the president just announced he will be addressing the nation at 9:00 tonight to talk about this. we saw both sides put forward a new plan and then trashed the other plan. dealing in a degree on is that this is not a game. -- the only thing they did agree on is that this is not a game. >> it is proving costly and all consuming. >> the new gop plan would raise
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the borrowing limit by $1 trillion this year. even larger allowances next year but only if congress approves an additional $1.80 trillion in cuts. >> it is time to get serious about solving america's problems. i believe our plan is a good step in the right direction. >> democrats dried tea party members for driving the debate into unrealistic territory. they say we cannot keep having this argument. does anyone think it would be a good idea to do this all over again in six months? they have their own plan. $2.40 trillion in additional borrowing. much of this savings would come from winding down the wars, but not from medicare, medicaid, and social security. a frustrated president pleaded for understanding. >> this is a city where
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compromise is becoming a dirty word. >> meantime, time is running out fast. in just eight days, we could default and the financial rating would take a serious dive. >> no big surprise that the president is backing the democratic senate plan. a white house spokesperson says the gop proposal has no hope of getting through. >> coverage of this important story continues at 6:30 tonight. you can always get the latest on our website we are on storm watch again tonight. there are some slow-moving storms and they left behind a mess. the roadway is still shut down at this hour. others felt absolutely nothing but cooler temperatures. what can we expect for the rest
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of the evening? >> temperatures are running a good 25 degrees cooler than they were last friday evening. in doing it, because the heat is coming back. -- enjoy it, because the heat is coming back. the rain in pennsylvania and thunderstorms associated with a cold front. maybe some of the storms will hang together and come back portions of the viewing area. a live look at chesapeake beach. skies are starting to clear. look at some of this rain. in howard county md. -- temperatures tomorrow will be back up there. low 90's, but much lower humidity levels. that is the latest. you can track storms any time on this has been a quiet day
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for the federal aviation administration because hardly anyone is working. most of it remains shut down because of congressional disputes over the agency's budget. this means improvement projects have shot and the shutdown could have given flyers a break in taxes, but the airlines took advantage of the situation. >> the faa lost its spending authority friday night at midnight after congress was unable to reach a compromise. the issue? republicans want to limit the ability of airline employees to unionize. democrats want more money to spend on rural airlines across the country. many employees were told to stay home. it appeared to be business as usual here out reagan national airport. passengers are unaware of the shutdown. >> i was not aware.
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>> do you know about the shut down? >> not at all. >> 4000 employees did not include air traffic controllers or any employees whose jobs are related to safety. air traffic was not impacted. but ticket prices have been impacted. what was expected to be a silver lining, it has turned out to be a $30 million a day bonus for the airline industry. because of the shutdown, the government is unable to collect taxes on plane tickets. rather than pass the savings back to customers eight of the biggest airlines raised their ticket prices. pocketing the money that used to go to the government. " this is another way. >> absolutely ridiculous. i do not understand. >> that does not seem very fair. >> the airlines that raised their prices, american, delta usair, united, continental southwest, airtran and jet bl
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ue. >> in the end if they are raising the prices, i still have to pay. >> costs for the private contractors who were impacted in our area, more than $50 million worth of construction projects were put on hold today. they received stock work notices because they cannot authorize payment. while negotiations on capitol hill are ongoing, there is no word on when this dam it will end. -- stalemate will end. a seven-month-old is safe with his mother tonight after being kidnapped over the weekend. he was taken from his father's baltimore home on friday by a 16-year-old. we were the only station there when police found the baby in northeast d.c. police questioned boozer and it
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is unclear whether charges will be filed against her. oregon rep david wu will not seek reelection next year, but he is not going to resign. and ethics committee has launched a formal investigation. gas prices slowly creeping up once again. we have the latest. >> it is almost that time to send the kids back to school. see how much it will cost you. >> the man accused of the deadly attacks in norway stands before a judge and explained his actions.
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you are watching abc 7 is at 6:00, on your side. we continue to look at a day of mourning for the people of norway. >> thousands marched in the streets of oslo. the deadliest attack since world war ii. the man accused in the attacks and faced a judge. we have the latest developments from norway. >> today, anders behring breivik admitted to the bombing and shooting massacre that
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followed on victoria island. he says he is not criminally responsible. >> he has acknowledged having carried out the bombing against big government corridors. >> in a closed courtroom, he referred to to other cells of this organization that are out there working with him. >> he believes that he needed to carry out these acts in order to save norway and western europe. >> terror it is -- is painlain on the faces of these teenagers as he stalked their youth camp. >> he is going around killing people like it was no big deal. >> this is where the shooter boarded the ferry to take him to the island.
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he was so convincing as a cop but officials from the island let him on. nearly released amateur video shows the carnage hours earlier and a car bomb that devastated the heart of oslo. the attacks have plunged norway into morning. memorials have sprung up across the country and norwegians observed a nationwide moment of silence. >> we will have much more on today's developments from norway at 6:30. you will see why some of the most popular prescription drugs could drop in the near future. >> we will still feel like a summer this week. much more heat is on the way. >> if you have not already, get your jersey's out and hit up your fantasy leagues. it is official, the nfl is back
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in business.
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gas prices appear to be on the rise once again. >> the national average is now $3.70, up 12 cents a month ago. in d.c., the average price is $3.89. in virginia, drivers are paying less than not with an average of $3.62 a gallon. >> the pharmaceutical industry as a bitter pill to swallow. over the next year, seven of the world 20 best selling drugs will be available in generic versions. it is taken by more than 3 million americans. medical experts say nearly 15% of prescription drug takers will have a generic option by the end of 2012. back-to-school shopping is gone to the a boost for retailers. they expect consumers to pay more than $600 per child this year. clothes, school supplies and
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electronics topped the list. back-to-school shopping is the second biggest event for retailers next christmas. volunteers spend the day cleaning up arlington national cemetery. today marks the 15th annual day at the cemetery. specialist donate their time and energy to clean out the national landmark. the work is valued at more than $200,000. it was easier to do today than yesterday. >> it was terrible last week. >> very little rain compared to other parts of the area. we have cooled off to the lowest level we have been knocked in four days. we will see the heat and humidity returned in a the -- later in the week. just to the north in
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pennsylvania, there are even more if storms and thundershowers. is the cold front. we will keep an eye on that. some of them could survive the trip south. there could be some isolated showers a bit later. they will be few and far between compared to what we had a little bit earlier. let's take a look to what we are dealing with a number whites across the region. -- number-wise across the region. 93 and 79 on the ford board tonight. as hot and humid as it has been, at this time last year, we had already had 42 days. you do not notice the heat very much when it is not accompanied by the oppressive humidity levels. tomorrow and wednesday will be examples of that. thursday and friday, very hot
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and humid once again. 75 in gaithersburg. 79 in fredericksburg. the heat and humidity is rebuilding out to the west. the first part of it will be the dry heat. it is from a high pressure that is building in. it will be a good deal for a couple of days. by thursday and friday, that is going to move offshore. the circulation goes more south and southwest and we build up the temperatures and build up the humidity levels. tomorrow 77 at 8:00. you climb up to 92 in the afternoon. noticeably less humid. by thursday 96, 98 on friday. 97 on saturday. check us out live act
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all the features right there at your fingertips. the toyota sports desk brought to you by your local toyota dealers. moving you forward. it is here. >> it is done. >> the next couple of days will be crazy. be prepared. a lot is going to happen. more than $9 billion the nfl shut its doors to players and fans for almost 4.5 months. today, that came to an end. players unanimously agreed to a new collective bargaining agreement. get ready for some football. this deal will last for 10 years. we have a decade before having to worry about it again. one of the contentious issues was whether to increase the amount of regular-season games.
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it will remain at 16. free agency that does remain the same as before. each team salary-cap has increased to $120 million. it is not perfect but it is a compromise and one that took a very long time to reach. >> we have been able to have an agreement, and it will allow the sport to flourished over the next decade. we have done that in a way that is unique among the major sports. every team in our league, all 32 " be competitive. >> we are excited about the day. i am thankful for our players for sticking together. we stayed strong at a time of uncertainty. >> tomorrow at 10:00 they can negotiate with free agents. the players may be required to report for physicals. some camps will start on
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wednesday. the redskins will kick off their camp on thursday. on friday, get ready for the craziness. maryland's football has gone through its their shares of up and down. the program finished nine -- they lost their head coach and gained another. he brings a very distinct system and style of plany. >> we have been knocking at the door especially last year, we were right there. we were a game away from being where we wanted to be. consistency, we have a tough schedule this year. we have to be consistently good to get to the next level. >> perhaps we overrated being a 500 ballclub. the team keeps hovering around at a respectable number. and david johnson took over, they have gone nine in 14.
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the team cannot hit. very ugly. the nationals went 27 ups without a hit. for all of those brought -- brett favre fans out there at he will stay retired. >> i dropped my microphone. >> you weren't going to say anything bad, were you?
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if remley reminder to sign up for our latest ipad giveaway. >> if you are already a fan sign on to our facebook page. all the directions are on the left side of the page. the deadline to enter is 4:00 on wednesday and we will announce the winner the same day on abc 7 news at 5:00. do not forget to tell your facebook friends. >> 93 and 79 today. 89 is the average. we will be hot and dry over the next couple of days.
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hot and humid weather returns on thursday.
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